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Guru Business Advisors are all experienced executives with specialist and complementary skills. Together they provide an integrated approach to solving your business problems and achieving your business goals. Guru Business Advisors operate in New South Wales and ACT, with offices in Sydney and Canberra.

Guru Business Advisors work with you to produce a full analysis of your business. Solving your people management and financial management issues. Guru Business Advisors are your experts on business strategies and processes, marketing for profitable returns, and sales management.

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“Peter Millard asks provocative questions that make us think about our business in more depth than we did before. He has brought with him a mountain of tools as well as commonsense advice that we often overlooked.”

“Since working with Peter we have become aware of the variety of aspects that make up a business. We are no longer focused on just sales, but also stock control, marketing, bookkeeping, distributors …”
- Alastair Moore, Director, Premier Workplace Solutions

“I believe in getting assistance in areas outside my expertise and have been meeting with Leonard Robertson for a number of years. Our monthly strategic meetings keep me focused and I would say Leonard is one of the most valuable resources I have.”
- Millar McCowan, MD, Architectural Sign Industries
Miles & More Commercial Property
“Leonard Robertson made a significant difference to my business exit strategy, focusing on doing the right things and doing things right. I have now sold my business and am very satisfied with the result.”
- David Miles, MD, Miles & More Commercial Property
“Leonard Robertson has improved accountability and communication across the business. Every time I meet with him, he challenges me to think differently.”
- David Katte, MD, BCR Australia

“Leonard Robertson has created an environment for me to work on my business and focus on strategy and direction. The result is that sales have increased over 30 times and profits have followed.”
- Steven Hantos, MD, Complex Solutions

Ken Gray has provided Protogen Technologies with invaluable support and advise during our critical growth period. With his guidance we have tripled our business, recruited key staff and optimised our back office processes.
- Mark Grosser, CEO, Protogen Technologies

Ken Gray has been helping us with all aspects of our business planning and tracking for the last 2 years. His services  include assistance with marketing plans, advertising & promotion, setting up and assessing the sales force, budgets, forecasts, monitoring performance, and development of new product lines.

Ken’s wealth of experience, professionalism and knowledge are important resources for us. He has made a significant contribution to the financial performance of our business, providing his input in a fun, relaxed and proficient manner.

I highly recommend Ken as an advisor and mentor to anyone looking to further understand and grow their business.
- Annette Lambert, General Manager, The Herbal Extract Company of Australia


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