Growing the safety equipment supply business
Safety Equipment Business

Branding and Building the Safety Business

The owners had built up a successful safety equipment supply business and were seeking professional expertise to help increase the value of the business and to guide them through the next period of growth.

Actions Taken

Peter Millard and Ken Gray worked with the owners to gain a clear understanding of the sales environment and to identify the most appropriate strategies for moving forward.

  • Explored the option of using distributors and determined that it was not the appropriate course to take.
  • Conducted an extensive customer survey and branding exercise to ascertain the unique selling proposition and to position the brand.
  • Realigned marketing spend from print to greater online expenditure.
  • Undertook a business health check and set up a 12-month business improvement plan.
  • Put in place a sales management process and plan.


The business is reaping the benefits of collecting extensive customer data; highly targeted marketing strategies have it on track to achieving 25% year-on-year growth for the third year running.

The owners love their business and are making decent and serious money out of what is a relatively small concern.

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