Marketing and branding commercial cleaning business
Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning Up Cleaning Business

The owner of a small commercial cleaning company approached Leonard Robertson to help put some business systems in place and to guide him through the growth phase of the business.

Actions Taken

Leonard worked with the owner to determine his business goals and to identify the path to achieving these goals.

  • Developed the owner’s skeletal business plan into a full-blown functional plan.
  • Met monthly to go through actions and to update the plan; the regular meetings forced the owner to focus on implementing the business plan.
  • Introduced clear processes and reporting procedures.
  • Developed a marketing plan and imposed branding controls, including uniforms and training for staff.


Seven years ago, the cleaning business consisted of the owner and a small group of contractors. Today, the well-organised and fully proceduralised business employs four full-time staff and more than 50 contractors. Turnover has grown significantly and morale and profits are good. The owner continues to meet with Leonard to update his business strategy and to review his business plan.

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